About the Program

CharityRx.org combines two real needs: the ability to get the best possible pricing on drugs and other medical services, and the ability to make a real contribution to a cause of your choice.  When you use one of our in-store prescription cards–which gives you 10-75% discounts on your prescriptions, up to $1 is donated for every prescription that is purchased.  When you use our mail order program with discounts of 10- 90%, up to 10% of the sales price is donated to the charity of your choice.  Make sure to use the corresponding discount code for your charity by selecting, printing, and using that charity’s card.  The card and information on how to use it are available on this site as well as on the card.  Begin using your charity’s prescription card today for real savings on prescription drugs and to help raise money for a great cause.

If there is a charity you think would benefit from our program and would like make them available to receive funds, simply click the “refer a charity” tab and submit their information.  There is no cost to the charity whatsoever and we are happy to offer them as an option in our program.

For charities looking for a long term solution to finance your causes, we have a “Bank on Your Charity” program that could help.  For more information email info@chairtyrx.org

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